Capslox is an efficiency tool that improving text editing experience.

It turns the Caps Lock key into a modifier key, like the Control key, combining with other keys to provides smoothly and swiftly functions, including Cursor Movement, Text Selection, Text Deletion, Window Binding, Multiple Clipboard, etc.

Get Started

  1. Download, and install Capslox;
  2. Open Capslox;
  3. Give Capslox permission to use Accessibility as prompted;
  4. If you are using Capslox for the first time, it’s recommended to take a look at the Tutorial, which will gets you started quickly with a simple game.

Usage Notice

When Capslox is running normally, the Caps Lock key will become a modifier button, which providing different functions by combining with other different keys, such as Caps Lock + E / D / S / F is Move Up / Down / Left / Right. You can set up the hotkey scheme according to your own preferences, for example, change the short pressing of the Caps Lock to send Esc.

If you have swapped some modifier keys, such as Caps Lock and Control, it’s highly recommended restore the setting for the best experience.


We call a system global shortcut as a hotkey.

Capslox uses the following symbols to represent hotkeys:

  • : Caps Lock
  • : Command
  • : Option
  • : Control
  • : Shift

For example: E means Caps Lock + Command + E

Hotkey Rule

Capslox’s key scheme will try to follow a rule: See Command key as “enhanced key”. In other words, if we see the function of Caps Lock + <a single key> as a basic function, in most cases, we will get an enhanced function if we add a Command key to this basic hotkey, for example: Caps Lock + E / D / S / F is Moving Up / Down / Left / Right, then Caps Lock + Command + E / D / S / F will be Moving Up / Down / Left / Right multiple times.

* In the Hotkey column, - indicates that the function is not used in the default key scheme, assign a hotkey to the function if you need it.

Capslox General

,Open the Preferences Settings
/Show the cheat sheet with lists of all the hotkeys

Two display modes, Locked Mode (Default) and Unlocked Mode, switch between them by clicking the "lock" icon in the top right corner.

  • In Locked Mode, the window keeps displayed until the closed icon is clicked or Esc or W is pressed.
  • In Unlocked Mode, the window keeps displayed when Caps Lock key is pressing down, until Caps Lock key is released.


Press Toggle Caps Lock
-Switch Between Specified Input Sources
-Switch to The Previous Input Source
-Send Input

For example, Send Input: Esc


EMove Up
DMove Down
SMove Backward
FMove Forward
EMove Up 3 Lines
DMove Down 3 Lines
SMove Backward 5 Characters
FMove Forward 5 Characters
TMove Up 10 Lines
BMove Down 10 Lines
TMove Up 30 Lines
BMove Down 30 Lines
AMove Backward One Word
GMove Forward One Word
AMove Backward 3 Words
GMove Forward 3 Words
PMove to the Beginning of the Line
;Move to the End of the Line
PMove to the Beginning of the Page
;Move to the End of the Page


ISelect Up One Line
KSelect Down One Line
JSelect Backward One Character
LSelect Forward One Character
ISelect Up 3 Lines
KSelect Down 3 Lines
JSelect Backward 5 Characters
LSelect Forward 5 Characters
YSelect Up 10 Lines
NSelect Down 10 Lines
YSelect Up 30 Lines
NSelect Down 30 Lines
HSelect Backward One Word
.Select Forward One Word
HSelect Backward 3 Word
.Select Forward 3 Word
,Select the Current Word
,Select the Current Line
USelect to the Beginning of the Line
OSelect to the End of the Line
USelect to the Beginning of the Page
OSelect to the End of the Page


RForward Delete
WDelete Word
RForward Delete Word
[Delete to the Beginning of the Line
/Delete to the End of the Line
[Delete to the Beginning of the Page
/Delete to the End of the Page
BackspaceDelete Line
BackspaceDelete All
SpaceSend Input: Enter
EnterInsert Line Below

Window Binding

With Window Binding, you can bind the currently active window to a hotkey, and then activate / minimize the window by pressing this hotkey.

The logic when pressing the activate hotkey is as follows:

  • If the bound window is the currently active window, minimize it;
  • If the bound window exists and is not currently active, activate it;
  • If the bound window doesn’t exist, and its application has other windows, then bind one of them;
  • If the application to which the bound window belongs is not running, then run the application and bind its window.
WindowBinding HotkeyActivate Hotkey
Window 111
Window 222
Window 333
Window 444
Window 555
Window 666
Window 777
Window 888
Window 999
Window 1000

Multiple Clipboard

The Multiple Clipboard provides extra clipboards in addition to the system clipboard.

Extra ClipboardCutCopyPastePaste (Plain Text)
Extra Clipboard 1XCVV
Extra Clipboard 2XCVV


  • What is Secure Input? Why does it sometimes show that Capslox' hotkeys has been suspended due to Secure Input?

    Secure Input is a feature provided by macOS to protect users from being listened to by other apps when they are doing private keyboard input, such as password input. When Secure Input is turned on by any app, no other app can access the user's keyboard input data until Secure Input is turned off, and only the app that turned Secure Input on has permission to turn it off. For example, if you open the login page of a website in Safari, Safari turns on secure input when the password box is activated so that no other application can listen to the password you enter. Because of this feature, Capslox does not know what keystrokes the user presses when Secure Input is on, and naturally it does not provide the corresponding hotkey function based on the keystrokes pressed, in other words, the hotkey function is suspended and will resume automatically when Secure Input is off.

  • Sometimes Secure Input stays on, and Capslox stays suspended and unusable?

    First, please make sure no apps are in password entry. It is possible that some apps have an interface that is in password entry, but this interface is covered by another interface or is out of screen range. If you are sure this is not the case, based on the feedback received so far, it is likely that the macOS login interface did not turn off Secure Input correctly, please try to lock the macOS and unlock it again.

Contact Us

If you want to submit suggestions or bug reports about Capslox, please submit it via Capslox’s feedback window (Status bar icon > Feedback…), which will automatically include the log infomation to help us fine the problem faster.

If you want to contact us, you can send an email to